The Fifth Nemead ended more than two months ago, and the delay in presenting this release is a reflection of its great success.  It has taken this long to process records and photographs which are necessary to present the results of the games.  Now the data is in hand. 

            There were 1,018 runners from 87 countries (out of 1,297 registrations from 106 countries).  In 2008 there were about half that number of runners from 19 different countries.  The non-Greek participants were nearly a third (32%) of the total.             

            Some 240 volunteers, mostly from Nemea, plus others from around Greece and around the world, helped with the preparations and as the staff at the games themselves.

            A photographic record of parts of the Fifth Nemead is now available at memories – 2012

The following links will give motion to those memories:

            We are preparing all of the 1,699 photographs currently in our possession and will make them available soon.  Watch this space.

            Finally, personal views of the 2012 Nemead can be found in the essay “A Spark of Hope” @