TO:  The Members of our Society




We invite you to the regular annual assembly of the Society on Saturday, January 4, at 6 p.m. at the Multi-Purpose Room of the City Hall of Nemea, on Papakonstantinou Boulevard.

In the event that the legally required quorum of a minimum of one-third of the members who have paid their dues[1] does not appear (which is likely given the distances from Nemea where so many of our members live), then the General Assembly will take place on Sunday, January 5, at 11 a.m. in the same place.

The Agenda:

1. Report on the status of projects undertaken in 2013.

2. Report on the economic status of the Society

3. Suggestions and ideas from the membership.


At the conclusion of the meeting there will be a private showing exclusively for our members of the documentary by IMAGINA “Passage into History”, the story of the Fifth Nemead.  


   The President                                                                        The Secretary

of the Board of Directors                                                    of the Board of Directors

     Stephen Miller                                                                   Spiros Kyriakos


[1] The constitution of the Society specifies that participants in the General Assembly must be “economically in order”  (εντάξει οικονομικά = Articles 20 and 21).  Article 8 further specifies that members are obliged to pay their dues in a timely manner (να πληρώνουν έγκαιρα τις συνδρομές τους).  Dues paid within the previous twelve (12) months of the General Assembly are considered “timely”.