A thank-you note to the Hellenic Parliament

The members of the Board of Directors of our Society would like to publically express their warm thanks to the Hellenic Parliament, to its President and member of the Honorary Committee of our Society, Mr. Constantinos Tassoulas, as well as to the four Members of Parliament from the Region of Corinthia, Mr. Christos Dimas, Mr. Georgios Psychogios, Mrs. Maria-Eleni (Marilena) Soukouli-Viliali and Mr. Nikolaos Tagaras, for the undiminished interest that they take in the activities of our Society and for the recent financial support to our Society, for printing and mailing our annual newsletter “News of the Nemean Games”.


The President of the Board                         The General Secretary of the Board

Spyridon Kyriakos                                      Nikolaos Fenerlis