Web Site Upgrade

Our web site, www.nemeangames.org, has undergone three major changes.

The first change will not be noticeable to most users, but it is the most critical.    When our site was established in 2011, it used the Joomla Content Management System (version 1.5) as its platform, but over the years as new versions became available, it was clear that an upgrade would be necessary for a variety of reasons, and especially that of security.  The migration to Joomla 3 has now been completed, and we can feel a little more certain that tampering will not happen.

The second change has to do with organization and appearance.  The original site had ten tabs along the top of the page which seemed a little too “busy.”  Hence, for example, the Conservation” tab, which presented our conservation work on the entrance tunnel to the stadium, could logically be a subcategory of the “Stadium”.   The original “News” has been included under “About/Contact’, and “Memories” under “Revival.” 

In addition, a feature has been introduced that allows the viewer to pick out individual photographs from the slide show at the top of the page by the selection of a button in the series below the slides.  Thus, one is not forced to wait for the whole cycle to repeat in order to look at a favorite image.  Again, by mousing over a given slide, there will be a pause that allows for closer viewing of that image.

The third change is that the site is now responsive so that it will look good on tablets and smartphones.

We hope that these changes will make the site easier to use.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.