We are pleased and proud to announce our invitation to join the Honorary Committee of our Society has been accepted by two gentlemen with distinguished professional careers.

Constantine An. Tassοulas is the new Minister of Culture in Greece and has already shown great interest in Nemea and its revived Games.  Indeed, he spent the whole day on July 8 at Nemea, including the offices of our Society, less than a month after becoming minister.   It should be noted that, due to a lack of guardian personnel, the stadium had closed on July 7.  Mr. Tassoulas’ direct intervention caused the stadium to reopen the next day, and we hope it can be kept open in the future so that our Sixth Nemead in 2016 can take place.

Mr. Tassoulas is a graduate of the University of Athens in Law and he worked for a firm of solicitors in London (1988-1989) on a fellowship from the British Council,  He visited the USA for two months in 1997 as a guest of the American government.

His elective career began as mayor of Kifissia (1994-1998) followed by his election to Parliament in 2000 and thereafter, representing  his birthplace, Ioannina.  Among his other duties in Parliament, Mr. Tassoulas is a member of the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Social Order and Justice.

He is married with a son and a daughter.

We are pleased and honored that Minister Tassoulas has accepted our invitation to membership on the Honorary Committee of our Society.  We look forward to many years of productive association.  We are also proud that our guest book now has not only his signature, but also a very nice and flattering comment about Nemea.

Y.A. Tittle is a legendary American sports figure who starred as a quarterback for Lousiana State University, the San Francisco 49ers, and the New York Giants.  He was inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame in 1971, and had already appeared four times on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Indeed, he was the first football player to ever appear there (1954).

A native of Marshall, Texas, Tittle now lives in Atherton, California, in retirement.  His progeny include two victors in the revival of the Nemean Games:  daughter Dianne de Laet, and great-granddaughter Ayla Jagerson.  We hope that he, too, will soon wear the crown of wild-celery.

In the meantime, like so many members of our Honorary Committee, Y.A. Tittle adds the luster of his accomplishments to our efforts.  We thank him.