More Visitors

            The numbers and diversity of visitors to our offices continues unabated despite the cold weather.  In addition to the individuals, there have been several groups that deserve specific mention.

October 25 – A group of Russian reporters came to see us, including one who lives in Athens and writes for a newspaper “Russian Courier” and a magazine “Our Greece.”

October 27 – A Chinese cultural delegation from the city of Anqing in Anhui province added their language to our guestbook, and were delighted to see their national flag greeting them outside the office.

November 6 – Two groups came to us:

            1 – About 30 members of the cultural society “Konon” from the Piraeus peninsula.

            2) – Another 30 members of  the Lawyers’ Society of Corinth who had received a lecture from Stephen Miller two days earlier in Corinth.  At the lecture and again during the visit 13 new members joined our Society.

November 13 – A large group of 91 visitors in two buses (and two groups) came to us.  These people had been brought together earlier (October 14) for a lecture about the stadium and the revival of the games at the new Akropolis Museum which had a successful attendance of about 120 people even though Athens was that evening crippled by a transportation strike.

            That lecture and this visit were the result of a concerted effort by several groups:  The Hellenic Electronic Center,  AHEPA of Athens (Chapter HJ1), Daughters of Penelope, Karyatids, Esperos, Union of Women of Thessaloniki and Macedonia, Organization for the Dissemination of the Greek Language, and the Greek Women of Wine.  Many of the visitors were already members, but twenty-four new members of our Society joined on that day. See