Today a crew of seven people worked in the stadium to remove weeds as well as stones and earth that had fallen over the winter. The group consisted of four people supplied by the City of Nemea (Demetrios Peppas, Ioanna Tsavala, Panayiotes Chrysikopoulos, Panayiotes Spiliopoulos), two by our Society (Athanasios Asimis and Athanasios Malakos), and one by the Ephoreia of Antiquities of Corinth (Panayiotes Klopas).

The technical skill and experience of Asimis and Malakos were well used, while the mechanical weed cutters of the City and the Ephoreia cleaned the track quickly.

The work was organized by two former, long-term members of the Board of the Society: Nikos Papadopoulos and Stephen Miller.

We believe that the thousands of visitors to the stadium will appreciate its maintenance.