STEPHEN G. MILLER (June 22, 1942 – August 10, 2021)

Dear members, friends and supporters of the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games,

We deeply regret to announce that last night, after a short hospitalization, the “father” of our Society, Professor Stephen G. Miller, passed away.

There are no words to describe our grief, as we have lost a leading scholar, a great Greek! He was the man who dedicated most of his life in promoting and spreading the cultural heritage of our land. We all know the work and the invaluable contribution of the forerunner of the excavation to the Archaeological Site of Ancient Nemea. Those of us who knew him intimately and worked with him felt the sincerity, warm-heartedness and sense of justice that distinguished him, but above all we experienced his deep and unselfish love and passion for Nemea, as well as the vision of this great benefactor for the future of our area!

Goodbye, Stephen! We thank you! We will always be grateful to you and will try to continue your work and your dreams!!!

With ineffable sorrow,
The Board of Directors of the S.R.N.G.