The first (1/10/14) and the second general meeting (2/2/14) of the Board of Directors took place in the offices of the Society in Ancient Nemea. The main subjects of discussion of the first meeting were the following:

  1. Computer
  2. Story-telling Contract
  3. Closing of the Museum
  4. UNESCO and Ancient Nemea
  5. Selling the Nemea brief guide book

And for the second meeting

  1. Th. Pagkalos letter
  2. Donation of D. de Laet/Arete Fund
  3. Participation in the traditional Vasilopitta-cutting of the New Year at the Town Hall of Nemea
  4. Briefing about the Papalexopoulos Square
  5. Internet connection

     President                                                                              Secretary

     Stephen Miller                                                                    Spyros Kyriakos