Dear members, friends and supporters of the Society for the Revival of the Nemean Games,
We are very pleased to announce you the beginning of the construction of toilets (WC) outside of the site of the stadium of Ancient Nemea
This is a matter of great significance, since the lack of toilets at this place was a source of great problems, not only during the realization of the Games, which are organized by the S.R.N.G., but also on a daily basis, due to the high visitation of the site.
The problem, which existed for many years, is finally approaching its solution and this is thanks to the untiring efforts of our Society for more than five consecutive years. 
I feel the need to thank warmly and congratulate my colleagues on the Board of Directors, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corinthia, the Prefecture of Peloponnese, as well as everybody else who helped and supported our effort!
Spyros K. Kyriakos,
President of the Board of Directors of the S.R.N.G.